UBS Willow Fund, LLC

The nationwide FINRA arbitration lawyers at McCabe Rabin, P.A. are currently investigating the marketing and sales of the UBS Willow Fund, LLC (“Willow Fund”) by UBS Financial Services (“UBS”.) The Willow Fund is a hedge fund operated by various UBS affiliated entities and Bond Street Capital. In October 2012, investors in the Willow Fund were advised that the fund would be liquidated. Last month, a class action was filed in the Southern District of New York against the Willow Fund’s managers.

The Willow Fund was marketed and sold as a closed-end mutual fund that invested primarily in the debt and other obligations of distressed U.S. companies. Since 2007, investors in the Willow Fund have lost approximately 80% of their initial investment.

Some brokers who sold the Willow Fund may have represented it as a safe fixed income investment with minimal risk. In reality, the extensive use of leverage through derivative and credit default swaps caused the Willow Fund to be speculative and substantially risky.

McCabe Rabin is currently investigating whether adequate disclosures were made to investors about the nature and risk of the Willow Fund, especially to investors with a low risk tolerance and those whose main investment objective was income.

Investors nationwide who have suffered losses as a result of an investment in the UBS Willow Fund purchased through UBS Financial Services, and who may have a FINRA arbitration claim, may contact the Florida attorneys at McCabe Rabin, P.A. for a free and confidential consultation by calling toll free at 877.915.4040 or by e-mail to

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