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Attorneys for False Claims Act Whistleblowers

Protecting Citizens Blowing the Whistle on Government Fraud

Every day, government at the local, state and national levels is defrauded. ¬†Through the False Claims Act, the government encourages people who are in a position to know about fraud to step up and blow the whistle on wrongdoers. Sometimes the government takes over the prosecution of these cases, but other times the private individual is left with the responsibility of pursuing justice on the government’s behalf. The attorneys at McCabe Rabin in West Palm Beach represent private persons throughout the country in qui tam and False Claims Act cases to uncover fraud against local, state and national government entities.

Government contractors can defraud the government in innumerable ways by submitting false claims for payment or keeping overpayments, making false statements in connection with a government contract, or conspiring to defraud the government. At McCabe Rabin, our False Claims Act attorneys have the knowledge and experience to represent individuals in false claims litigation across the entire spectrum of government fraud, including all of the following, among others:

Procurement Fraud – Dishonest contractors cheat the government in numerous ways, such as billing for goods that were never delivered or services that were never rendered, double billing, and billing for premium equipment while providing inferior equipment.

/practice-areas/false-claims-act-whistleblower-cases/frequently-asked-questions/what-is-healthcare-fraud/ – Healthcare providers cheat Medicare and Medicaid out of millions of dollars by lying about services performed or performing unnecessary medical procedures. Around 80% of all False Claims Act cases involve Healthcare Fraud.

Education Fraud – Unscrupulous financial officers at for-profit colleges and vocational schools bilk government student loan and financial programs out of valuable resources by falsifying student eligibility for aid, billing for phantom students, recruiting unqualified students to increase enrollment, and lying about accreditation criteria.

Local Government Fraud – Like the federal False Claims Act and Florida False Claims Act, Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and other municipalities have enacted their own False Claims Ordinances to protect county government from procurement fraud and other fraudulent schemes.

Pharmaceutical Fraud – Pharmaceutical companies already make billions off of their customers through legal means, but some don’t stop there. Drug companies defraud the government by submitting claims for reimbursement for drugs which were marketed for off-label purposes or never approved by the FDA, or for sub-potent drugs that do not contain the amount of ingredients claimed on their labels.

Set-Aside Contract Fraud – Getting government contracts is a highly competitive business. Some contractors try to go after money set aside for disadvantaged or minority-owned businesses by falsely claiming they qualify for government set-asides.

Get Help Blowing the Whistle with Experienced False Claims Act Attorneys

If you believe you have uncovered fraud against the government, blowing the whistle through the False Claims Act can bring the wrongdoers to justice while offering you a share in the government’s financial recovery for your efforts. Contact McCabe Rabin for advice and representation in your False Claims Act action. Call us at 561-659-7878 in West Palm Beach, or from anywhere in Florida toll free at 877-915-4040. You can also reach us online. Your consultation is free, and there is no fee without a recovery.

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