Omitting or Misrepresenting Important Information

Omitting or Important InformationA broker must give his customers truthful and material information that properly discloses the nature and associated risk of investments. The broker further is not permitted to omit disclosure of important information that a reasonable investor would want to know before making an investment decision. In an effort to secure a commission, however, many brokers mislead their clients about the risks associated with a particular investment and fail to provide the client with an adequate understanding of what the investment product is. The attorneys at McCabe Rabin can help identify false or inaccurate information in such recommendations that can mislead the client. Sometimes not telling the client about a material fact that would lead the client to make a different choice is the misconduct.

Do you believe that your broker has failed to properly and accurately tell you about the nature or associated risk of a particular stock, bond, mutual fund, or other investment? If yes, please contact the Florida Securities Arbitration Attorneys of McCabe Rabin online or call 561-659-7878 or Toll Free 877-915-4040.

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