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Ryon McCabe speaks at ''Legends v. Young Guns'' Trial Seminar

On May 2, 2013, firm partner Ryan McCabe will take part in a trial skills seminar for the Palm Beach County Bar Association titled “Legends Versus Young Guns.”

The seminar will consist of a day-long mock trial between two teams of business litigation lawyers from the Palm Beach County Bar community. One team will consist of older, more experienced, trial lawyers, i.e. the legends. The other team will consist of mid-level trial lawyers, i.e. the young guns.

The two teams will be given a mock trial packet with materials and deposition transcripts for a dispute between two software companies involving an alleged breach of contract. The lawyers will have ample time to prepare for the mock trial.

The two teams will square off in a trial demonstration that will involve opening statements, direct examination and cross examination of six live witnesses, closing argument and deliberation of a mock jury.

Firm partner Ryon McCabe will serve as captain of the “Young Guns” team and will deliver the closing argument for his team.

To view a flier for the event, view page 6 of the Palm Beach County Bar Bulletin here.

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