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Ryon McCabe appointed to Federal Magistrate Selection Committee

April 7, 2011:

McCabe Rabin. P.A. is proud to announce that the Chief Judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Federico Moreno, has appointed firm partner Ryon McCabe to a series of committees for the approval and selection of Magistrate Judges in the Southern District of Florida.

Under the law, United States Magistrate Judges are appointed by the District Court judges for the District in which they serve. Magistrate judges serve eight-year terms, at which point, they must pass through a re-approval process if they wish to seek another eight-year term.

In 2011, United States Magistrate Judge James Hopkins of the West Palm Beach Division reached the expiration of his first eight-year term. When he applied for re-appointment, Chief Judge Federico Moreno appointed a committee, including Ryon McCabe, to investigate and recommend whether to re-approve Magistrate Judge Hopkins.

At or around the same time in 2011, two long-serving United States Magistrate Judges in the West Palm Beach division announced their impending retirement, Magistrate Judge Linnea Johnson and Magistrate Judge Ann Vitunac. Chief Judge Moreno appointed Ryon McCabe to a committee to review and interview potential applicants for the two new magistrate positions. fThe committee will review all applications, interview selected applicants, and make recommendations to Chief Judge Moreno.

To view a copy of the order appointing the selection
committee, click here.

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