Securities & Financial Fraud

McCabe Rabin represents clients in a broad array of white collar fraud cases, including the following:

Securities Fraud. The term "securities fraud" refers to schemes that involve the offering or marketing of securities. Commonly prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. sec. 1348, these schemes can include market manipulation, insider trading, "pump and dump" frauds, boiler room operations, and other forms of offering and trading fraud.

These cases are complicated and require a criminal defense attorney with knowledge of the securities industry and markets. McCabe Rabin has represented individuals in criminal securities fraud matters and in SEC civil enforcement proceedings and investigations.

Bank & Mortgage Fraud. Federal statutes make it unlawful to commit fraud in connection with banking or mortgage transactions. These cases are frequently complex, involve thousands of pages of documents, and require an attorney skilled in business and financial issues.

Mail & Wire Fraud. The federal government prosecutes most fraud cases under the mail and wire fraud statutes, 18 USC sec. 1341 and 1343. In general terms, these statutes make it unlawful to employ the U.S. mail system or interstate telephone lines to assist in the perpetration of a fraud. Federal prosecutors use these statues to prosecute everything from routine embezzlement cases to sophisticated Ponzi schemes.

Healthcare Fraud. Prosecutors in South Florida lead the nation in prosecuting healthcare fraud, including cases involving the abuse of benefits programs such as Medicare. As a prosecutor, Mr. McCabe gained extensive experience prosecuting healthcare fraud, including the prosecution of a complex home health care case that culminated in a lengthy jury trial. Defending these cases requires an intimate knowledge of medical billing systems, accounting issues and business operational issues.

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