Business Litigation

We represents people and businesses in a wide variety of business and commercial disputes and lawsuits. McCabe Rabin attorneys have extensive experience litigating cases involving breaches of contract, enforcement of non-competition agreements, trade secret and intellectual property violations, shareholder and partnership disputes, employment claims, court-appointed receiverships, bankruptcy adversary proceedings, business torts, real estate disputes, and many other business-related legal problems.

If you are searching for a lawyer to handle your business litigation matter, three things set us apart:

First, our partners Ryon McCabe and Adam Rabin are both Board Certified in Business Litigation by the Florida Bar. This is the highest recognition that can be given by the Florida Bar for proficiency and skill within a given area of the law. This certification requires experience, peer review, and testing.

Second, we try cases. Because the vast majority of business litigation cases result in settlement, many experienced business litigators advance well into their careers without having actually tried very many cases before a jury. This is not the case at McCabe Rabin. We have a real trial experience that is recognized and respected by our adversaries.

Third, we handle our cases efficiently and economically. We are a small boutique firm. At McCabe Rabin, you are not paying for waterfront views or ridiculous overhead. You are paying for efficient, skilled, business litigators. We regularly face and defeat lawyers from “bigger” law firms who have racked up legal bills far greater than ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the rights of a minority owner in a closely held company?
  • When are conflict-of-interests transactions permitted under the revised LLC act?
  • Someone infringed upon or used my copyrighted material without my permission. What should I do now?
  • Under the revised Florida LLC act, when must an LLC make its records available for member review?
  • What is a fiduciary duty?
  • What are the elements of fraud?
  • What is a breach of the implied covenant?
  • What is a non-compete clause?
  • What is a non-solicitation agreement?
  • What is an apparent agent?
  • What are trade secrets and how are they protected?
  • What is a covenant not to compete?
  • What does interference with contractual relations mean?
  • What is fraudulent inducement?
  • What is detrimental reliance?
  • What is a shareholder derivative lawsuit?
  • What kinds of damages can be awarded in a breach of contract lawsuit?
  • What are liquidated damages?
  • I have customers who defaulted on payment. Can I sue them?
  • Are there alternatives to going to court to resolve Business disputes?
  • My Business was sued. What do I do?
  • What is piercing the corporate veil?
  • What are the elements of a contract?
  • Are handshake agreements binding?
  • What is a breach of contract?
  • Are all oral contracts valid?
  • What is consideration?
  • What kinds of excuses are there to not perform a contract?
  • Are contracts where one party concealed important information still valid?
  • Is an agreement to perform illegal acts a legally enforceable contract?
  • What is specific performance?
  • What is an injunction?
  • What is a trademark?
  • What is the difference between a registered and unregistered trademark?
  • What is trademark infringement?
  • What is unfair competition?
  • What is trademark dilution?
  • What is copyright?
  • What does copyright protect?
  • How is a copyright different from a patent or trademark?
  • When is my work protected?
  • Must I register a copyright with the government to receive protection?
  • What is a poor man's copyright?
  • Who can register a copyright?
  • I think someone infringed upon or used my copyrighted material. What should I do now?
  • What kind of damages might I receive if someone infringes upon or uses my copyright?
  • What can be copyrighted?

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